Using Understanding by Design to Harness the Tools

Some resources:

-- UbD in a Nutshell
-- Blank UbD Worksheet
Blank UbD GoogleDoc
MaineLearns Unit Plan
The NECC 09 Unit Plan (we didn't finish.)

ITSC Unit Plans:

Polynomials, Factoring and Quadratics

The Presentation:

The Slide Deck:

SLA Curriculum Showcase
UbDEducators -- a wiki filled with UbD unit plans
UbDExchange -- a membership driven UbD Site run by ASCD

SLA UbD Unit Plans:

Their Eyes Were Watching God -- English 10 -- Zac Chase
-- African-American History 9 -- Gamal Sherif
Modeling with Sinusodial Functions - Pre-Calculus -- Brad Latimer
Chemicals in the Environment -- Biochemistry 10 -- Matthew N. VanKouwenberg and Tim Best

Great Offline Resources (Books)

Reinventing Project Based Learning -- Jane Krauss and Suzie Boss
Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tools for the Classroom - Will Richardson
Redefining Literacy for the 21st Century -- David Warlick
Understanding by Design -- Wiggins and McTigue

The uStream of the NECC '08 Presentation: